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Q: What are Twitch Drops?
A: Twitch Drops are in-game rewards earned by watching your favorite MARVEL SNAP streams on Twitch! To learn more about the available drops, read here.
Q: How can I get Twitch Drops rewards?
A: Link your MARVEL SNAP account and Twitch account and be sure that your game is updated to the latest patch — Then tune into any Twitch streams under the MARVEL SNAP category!
Q: Is there any way to check my progress towards the next drop?
A: You can track your rewards progress at any time on the Twitch Drops Inventory Page here.
Q: Will I receive my Twitch Drops rewards in-game automatically? How long will it take?
A: Yes, rewards are directly sent to your game account via Inbox at the time they are claimed on Twitch. You may need to restart the game in order to receive the Inbox message.
Q: How do I unlink my SNAP account with my Twitch account?
A: To unlink the accounts, select "Unconnect" under MARVEL SNAP on the Twitch Account Connection page here.
Q: I no longer have access to the Twitch account I linked my SNAP account to and want to link a new one. What should I do?
A: If it is not possible to unlink your linked Twitch account, you can contact the MARVEL SNAP Support Team to link a new Twitch account to your SNAP account:
Q: What should I do if I have not received the rewards?
A: First, restart your game and check the in-game inbox. If that doesn't solve it, contact the MARVEL SNAP Support Team: